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Bone-a-fide Dog!

* Locally Owned and Operated

* Featuring Healthy Food,
Treats, Bones, Chews
and Eco-Friendly Toys,
Beds, Accessories
Exclusively for Dogs

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Trip of a Lifetime

For every purchase made between January 1
and December 31, 2017 you will receive one
chance in a drawing for an all expense paid
trip for two to the Westminster Kennel Club
Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in
New York in February, 2018. The trip will
include round trip airfare for two, hotel
accommodations for three nights and
tickets to the Dog Show.

Welcome to Bone-a-fide Dog!

Aside from providing unconditional love, we believe there is nothing more important we can do for our loyal companions than to make sure they eat the healthiest food, play with the safest toys, and use the most environmentally friendly accessories available. That is why every product we carry has your dog’s and our environment’s well-being in mind. As a locally owned and operated store, we believe in down home, friendly service. We are excited to operate Bone-a-fide Dog! at the Canyon Plaza Shopping Center, where we can serve our beloved Southeast Albuquerque community. Grab a leash and bring your dog in for a visit. We’d love to meet you and welcome you into our Bone-a-fide Dog! family.

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Our Story

Our Waggly Tale

We have been dog lovers all of our lives, and during our 26 years of marriage, it’s amazing how much we’ve learned about each other just by the way we’ve talked about and interacted with our own dogs. We have a deep respect for each other that comes from our mutual love of not only our special pets, but of all dogs in general.

Early on, we had the privilege to work in business together for many years, and were inspired by each other’s creativity and passion. Life took us on different journeys in our working lives for the past several years, however. Although we endured long hours of separate work schedules, one thing never changed; we always enjoyed interacting with and meeting people - especially when they had a dog!

There were so many special times over the years when we would come home with detailed dog stories to share with each other and it always ended up with,” I wish you could have seen him/her.” We came to realize that those moments when we could bond with a dog and its owner were oftentimes the best part of our day, and we decided to create Bone-a-fide Dog! to make those special moments a permanent part of our everyday lives. Now we’re back working together full time in a store that we built out of a dream to help bring out the very best in what dogs offer to all of us. Please stop in and visit us – we guarantee it would make our day!

Mike and Lauri Bachicha, Owners
Bone-a-fide Dog!

Community Outreach

Our Dog Pack Mentality

At Bone-a-fide Dog!, we believe in the power of working together to build a better community for everyone. We are committed to doing our small part by supporting the efforts of our community’s many valuable charitable organizations wherever and whenever we can. We have been honored to make contributions to the following dog-friendly organizations, and we encourage you to support them as well:

Animal Humane New Mexico
Paws and Stripes
Rebel Paws Rescue
St. Martin’s Hospitality Center
Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Click here for links to these fine non-profit organizations.

Our Mission

Dogs do not have the ability to make decisions for themselves and are therefore completely dependent on owners for their care. Making good choices can be overwhelming in today’s over-saturated dog supply market. As such, we strive to help dog owners make the best selections to responsibly meet their dogs’ nutritional needs. At Bone-a-fide Dog! we are here to help you by offering only healthy, organic and natural food, and environmentally friendly toys and accessories. We are lifelong dog lovers who are passionate about the health, safety and happiness of our best friends and yours.

A Round of aPaws

Welcome to A Round of aPaws, where special dogs get special recognition.

Did your dog go on a diet and lose some unwanted pounds? We want to
hear about it. Did your dog visit a retirement home, welcome a new litter
or enter a dog show? We want to share in the excitement. No achievement
is too small to earn a place in our Round of aPaws section. We would love
to share your dog’s tale, and of course a photo too. Just send a paragraph
or two to our Contact Page.

We’ll get it up on our website for the world to see!

Meet our Special Dogs!

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Healthy Goods for Happy Tails

Our Suppliers

At Bone-a-fide Dog! we specialize in high quality dog food, treats, chews and environmentally friendly dog supplies. We have carefully chosen healthy brands of dry, canned, dehydrated and raw dog food to fit any lifestyle. In addition, we strive to offer safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly dog toys and accessories made predominately by American companies. Our goal is to provide a special selection of premium products to promote health and happiness in your dog’s life.

We are proud to carry some of the finest brands in the industry in our store. Please feel free to visit any of our suppliers’ links. If you see something you would like to have that we do not have in stock, just send us a quick email with the product information and we will get back to you with pricing, availability and shipping details within 24 hours. (E-mails received on Saturday or Sunday will be answered by Monday evening.)

Animal Essentials
Ark Naturals
Best Buy Bones
Big Shrimpy
Bio Bag
Bocce's Bakery
Cycle Dog
Dogs Love Kale
Dr. Harvey’s
Earthborn Holistic
Etta Says
Fiesta Petware
Flush Puppies
Go! by Petcurean
Grandma Lucy’s
Grizzly Pet Products
H2o 4k9
Healthy Dogma
Himalayan Dog Chew
My Doggy
Natural Dog Co.
Natural Doggess
Natural Planet Organics
Natures Logic
Nummy Tum-Tum
Party Animal
Planet Dog
Plato Pet Treats
Primal Pet Foods
Puppy Cake
Pure Vita
Redbarn Pet Products
Riley's Organics
Snicky Snaks
Stella & Chewy
The Good Dog Company
The Honest Kitchen
West Paw

Click on the box below for links to our suppliers


Our SuppliersHealthy Goods for Happy Tails

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